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Telechron ”Quacker” Plaskon Bird Electric Alarm Clock by Belle Kogan Vintage Clock, Vintage Toys, Yellow Clocks, Higher Design, Mellow Yellow, Birds Eye, Alarm Clock, Orange Color, 20th Century

Rare Art Deco Telechron "Quacker" Electric Alarm Clock by Industrial designer Belle Kogan. The whimsical design made of canary yellow Plaskon body with a deep orange Plaskon beak, and painted eyes that seem always to be watching you is absolutely stunning. This is one of the few true novelty clocks made by Telechron, and it is one of the most desirable. This clock was featured in the Telechron catalogs from 1935 through 1939. The "Quacker" model 7F63 was the alarm clock version of the…

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Fashion is all about courage. If you’re feeling confident enough, you can pull off anything… or, well, just about anything. You see, no matter how much we might say that taste is subjective, there are some objectively awful design decisions that make style aficionados go, “Oh, honey, no,” “Lord protect us,” or simply, “Ew!”

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