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Discover exciting and interactive activities that can keep old folks entertained and engaged. Find ideas to make their days more enjoyable and fulfilling.
My Grandpa's Cat Passed Away. He Was Crushed And Didn't Want To Insensitively Replaced Her, But Was So Lonely He Let My Mom Help Him Find A New Kitten People, Dog Stuff, Hush Hush, Wholesome Pictures, Goat, Stray Cat, Mom Help, Wholesome, Cows

I think both of my grandmas are the cutest women on the planet. They always make sure I’m well fed, support me in whatever crazy endeavors I choose to pursue, and they are both hilarious. As both of those amazing women have shown me, we can learn a lot from our elders, like how to make the world’s best lemon bars, how to be a great parent, how to play dominoes and apparently: how to be wholesome.