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David Leventi photographs the interiors of world famous opera houses, capturing the ornate design of the architecture found inside. Using 4×5″ and 8×10″ Arca-Swiss cameras, Leventi captures each opera house from the vantage of an operatic singer, photographing the space from the very center of the stage. Leventi is not just aesthetically inspired by the opera houses he photographs, but also holds a familial connection to their structures. He is the son of two architects, and the project was…

Rochelle Hack
Diana Damrau, most terrifying Queen of the Night ever!

Die Zauberflöte - Royal Opera House, 1 February 2011 While no performance of Die Zauberflöte ever really disappoints, this latest revival of David McVicar's bitty production is strangely deflated. The best thing going for it on opening night was the...

Ernest Pittman

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