Outdoor workouts

Take your fitness routine outdoors with these top outdoor workouts. Stay active and enjoy the fresh air while getting your heart pumping and muscles working.
Get your sweat on outdoors with this cardio and strength focused workout! 45 Min Workout, Park Workout, Hitt Workout, Circuit Workout, Sweat Workout, Workout Diet, Circuit Training, Strength Workout, Workout Plans

Get your sweat on outdoors with this cardio and strength focused workout! Hiii! 🙂 It’s been a minute since my last #WorkoutWednesday post, so I thought I’d bring it back for you this week. As summer winds down (I can’t believe I’m saying that!), take advantage of being able to move your body outside! Soak...Read More »

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Taking your workout to the park gives you benefits that indoor gyms simply don't have. Let's explore ten facts about outdoor exercise that will have you heading out to the park in no time! 1. It provides a tougher workout Unlike running on a treadmill, the outdoors provides you with different terrains. In one workout, you could move from grass, to gravel, and tarmac. Unpredictable surfaces make your workouts more challenging, changing the resistance and exercising more muscles. 2. It reduces…

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Good afternoon (or morning or evening depending where you are and when you are reading this). My alarm greeted me this morning while faint rays of sunlight peaked through the blinds in my bedroom. It’s nearly a month into spring here in Australia which means much longer days. It also makes it a hell of […]

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