Pacific rim jaeger

Explore the epic world of Pacific Rim Jaegers and witness the awe-inspiring power of these massive mech warriors. Unleash your inner pilot and dive into a thrilling adventure of colossal battles against monstrous Kaijus.
Pacific Rim Jaeger, Godzilla, Jaeger, Jaegar, Jager, Gi Joe, Orion, Shatterdome, Armor Concept

The trailer for the new Pacific Rim movie has inspired me to make this story and I know there is a story of this I've read it and It's cool bit it'll be on my own terms for I had a good amount of ideas to it as it takes after the events in the movie.(note that I never seen a rwby show so I'm going to mess up or change it around Pacific Rim I did see) all images and things in this story belong to their respective creators rwby by rooster teeth and Pacific Rim to their creators. Also all…

Yazan Nassar