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Transform your walls with creative painting ideas that add personality and style to your space. Explore top ideas for wall decor that will inspire you to pick up a brush and create your own masterpiece.
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What happened? Your creative side is just not letting you sit at piece? Now, that you do not have anything else left to experiment on, why not have a look at that plain white switchboard in the corner of the room? Bells start to ring, but don’t know in which direction? Stay right there, because we are here. Did you ever think that you get creative with your electric switchboards? No, right? You must be so used to turning switches on and off that you hardly notice them. You can turn them into…

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by Daisy Diva If you’ve been to Disney World, then you know the value of a good place to rest inside the parks. One of my favorite places to take a break, rest my feet, and wash up is the Tangled restroom area at the Magic Kingdom. This lovely, perfectly themed spot is located between […]

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get to do the “fun” projects. Last week I decided to put off working on the hallway for another week and do a quick project just for me. Pinterest feeds, and I’ve been loving how others are styling them! Painted arches can give a room a nice little pop of color without it feeling overwhelming or like a big commitment. I know they're a bit trendy though, so at first I resisted. I tend to feel a bit resistive to anything really obviously trendy.

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