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THE Garage Sale Find of the Century! Pearls. LOTS of pearls. Not real of course, but WHO CARES!!! I was alone in the back room of the small town's church sale. The whole table was loaded with tons of old jewelry, mostly plastic earrings and beads, but atop the piles were the PEARLS~!!! LOTS of them~!!! My mouth went dry and my heart began to pound. I looked around and there was no one else in the room....Could I get them all in my hands before someone else walked and wanted some???? Would I…

Marilynn Harvey
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For centuries, pearls have been an emblem of luxury and elegance. Their beauty has transcended time, as they remain a treasured accessory in the world of fashion. As their rarity increases over time, pearls remain to be one of the most sought-after gems on earth - making them an essential part of any jewelry collection.