Primitive folk art

Explore the captivating world of primitive folk art and discover unique creations that showcase the beauty of simplicity. Immerse yourself in this timeless art form and bring a touch of rustic charm to your home.
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Valerie Martin
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Get ready to bask in the simplicity of pastoral life with this charming primitive folk art painting. A fluffy white sheep luxuriates in a green field, basking in the sunshine and taking in the view with contented black eyes. The checkered pattern in the background leads to a cozy house and grove of trees, promising a serene escape from the hustle and bustle. This painting is sure to transport you to a place of tranquility and warm fuzzies! Printable artwork is an easy and fun way to…

Kim Irene Eldridge
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A random act of kindness ~ Growing up, my boys called me the yard Nazi. I'm very picky about my grass and have been known to cut twice in one day if there are clumps left in my yard. (I have a small yard that takes about 35 minutes to mow.) It should have been cut Friday but Bobbie came to town and friends are more important than a yard. Saturday was the hook in and Sunday it rained. It was just too cold yesterday (maybe 50*). My grass today was higher than it's ever been. After a quick…

Doug Frati – American Folk Art and Framing Art, Folk Art, Patchwork, Artists, Outsider Art, American Folk Art, Antique Folk Art, Contemporary Folk Art, Modern Folk Art

Doug Frati was born in Maine in 1954. His youth was spent growing up in a small rural town located on the banks of the Sebasticook River. “My grandmother had an old farm there, built by her grandfather, she lived alone and worked in the woolen mills. Her barn was full of cows, chickens, sheep, … Continue reading "Doug Frati"

Suzanne C.
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An annual tradition continues at American Folk Art & Framing (AFA) with Sharing the Joy, an exhibition of work from the gallery’s 30 artists, running through Thursday, December 30. "... The artists represented at American Folk Art consistently create glorious, thoughtful pieces you will be excited to share," says gallery owner Betsey-Rose Weiss.

Flavio Zabotto