Private eye

Discover the world of private detectives and their intriguing investigations. Find out how a private eye can help you uncover hidden truths and solve mysteries.
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The Film Noir genre of the 1940s and 1950s is a popular vintage movie event and costume party theme this year. Dangerous femme fatales and mysterious detectives dressed in black or grayscale make perfect characters for Halloween, too. The look is easy to re-create, possibly with things in your closet or that could easily be

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What It’s Like to Hunt Down Cheaters: Private Eyes Tell Their Stories Chicago Events, Private Eye, Private Investigator, Mcbride, Cheaters, Found Out, Womens Health, Hunt, Mystery

That's where Barbara Wolford, a licensed investigator at Kinsey Investigations in Los Angeles, and Daniel McBride, president of American Eagle Investigations in New York City, come in. Here's how they solve one of life’s most frustratingly common mysteries—the case of the cheating lover.

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