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Learn what it really means to prototype, when prototyping should start in the design process and what the best ways to manufacture a prototype are for your idea. Prototyping takes out all guess work from the design process, minimizes cost and increases profit. And it sets you up for success.

marcel de lange
James Heller (Armor) - Prototype 2 Character Bio, Fantasy Character Design, Character Design Inspiration, Character Concept, Prototype 2, Concept Design, Concept Art, Carnage Marvel, Animes Online

The Armor is the second defensive power of Alex Mercer. While in this form, he takes less damage, but the added density results in loss of movement speed and overall agility. The Armor and Blade powers are unlocked after a few missions with Dr. Bradley Ragland, who helped Alex remove a debilitating parasitic organism in Alex's back. Doing so allowed Alex to gain said powers. The Armor provides an alternative to the Shield. Unlike the Shield, which completely negates minor frontal damage at…

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