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R5 wearing my color I want them to look like this when me and Riker and Ross get married Disney Channel, R5 Facts, Ellington Ratliff, R5 Band, Riker Lynch, Ryland Lynch, Banda Musical, Rocky Lynch, Raura

5 year old, Peyton Walker hates the ophranage she has been for 2 years. She crys every night thinking about the fact no one will adopt her. But one day she gets proven wrong. One day R5 comes in looking for a young girl who will be their adopted little sister. Riker looks at many girls until he finds her. They all think she is adorable, and she's the one. This is the story of being 'Adopted by R5". Completed, and there is a sequel!!! XD #Wattys2015

Meifwa Emmy12

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