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Most of us are probably guilty of polishing our social media accounts. Some, however, don't stop there. They go above and beyond, inventing a totally new self. Luckily, the subreddit r/Instagramreality is dedicated to exposing these fakes, and allow us to see their true colors. With 598k active members, they regularly post new findings that sometimes look too bad to be true. Yet they are. If you're done scrolling and wish to check out more similar pics, fire up our other Instagram vs…

Erin Lindsay
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The 'Instagram vs. Reality' battle continues, and blogger Sara Puhto is back to fight for the latter. She continues sharing side-by-side pics that reveal how much a certain angle or sucking in your belly can change the way you look in an Instagram photo. Sometimes the difference in her uploads is so striking, it's hard to believe they’re the same girl.

Colleen K
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Whenever a female celebrity has a baby, we can expect a certain narrative to follow in the press: First, “exclusive photos” of the new little one will appear in a major magazine. Then, within a few weeks or months, there will be an article about how…

Mary Adam