Record Players

Immerse yourself in the rich sound of vinyl with the best record players. Explore top-quality options to enhance your music listening journey and relive the nostalgic feel of analog audio.
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TWO-SPEED EXTERNAL BELT-DRIVE TURNTABLE WITH AUTO STOP: Plays 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records; The 12-inch slipmat keeps your vinyl in position on the steel platter HIGH-END COMPONENTS: An aluminum tonearm with a cueing lever, an adjustable counterweight, and anti-skate control let you lower the needle on your favorite record with confidence; The clear dust cover can be lowered while playing and provides protection when the vinyl record player is not in use EXCEPTIONAL SOUND: Set atop an…

Bryant Campos
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Those days in school when I used put my headphones underneath my school jumper, pull the wire up through to my collar, put my earphones in and hope my Physics teacher Mr Allen never twigged I was listening to Ne-Yo or Drake. Ah, good times. That's why I rarely wore my hair up in school - it disguised the earphones better. Also you were a banging friend if you were willing to share one earphone with someone if they didn't have their own. Anyway, music - I've loved listening to music ever…

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