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NVIDIA: Project Sol NVIDIA recently produced a real-time ray-tracing cinematic, Project Sol, to showcase the new capabilities of its RTX line of GPUs based on the NVIDIA Turing architecture. NVIDIA created the cinematic ray-traced scene running in real-time in Unreal Engine 4. It is powered by a single NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti and shows off […]

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Fig. 2. Hip joint and knee joint - "Modular joint design for performance enhanced humanoid robot LOLA" Design, Robot Mechanics, Robot Arm, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design, Robot Parts, Robotics Engineering, Robot Design Sketch, Robot Design

The paper presents the performance enhanced humanoid robot LOLA which is currently being manufactured. The goal of the project is the realization of a fast, human-like walking motion. The robot is characterized by its lightweight construction, a modular, multi-sensory joint design with brushless motors and an electronics architecture using decentralized joint controllers. The fusion of motor, gear and sensors into a highly integrated, mechatronic joint module has several advantages for the…

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