Scrap yarn crochet

Discover creative and fun crochet projects using your leftover scrap yarn. Turn those scraps into beautiful and unique pieces with these top ideas for crochet.
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Have you ever found yourself with a bunch of leftover yarn and no idea what to do with it? Leftover yarn crochet patterns is the perfect way to use up small amounts of yarn, and there are so many wonderful crochet projects that can be made using those bits of chunky or fine leftover yarn. In this blog post, I'll share some fun and easy crochet patterns that are sure to get you excited about using all your leftover yarn! From blankets and coasters to bags and kitchen crochet accessories…

Juanita Quiroz
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We all have them…they add up pretty fast….and yet, what to do with them all? You know what I’m talking about—scraps. Scraps and those random skeins you just “had to have” but had no real purpose for. Well, I’ve just the thing!! The Solid Scrappy Granny Pillow is just as fun to make, as it is to look

Stacie Hill