Learn how to naturally increase your serotonin levels for improved mood and overall well-being. Discover top tips and techniques to enhance your serotonin production and feel happier and more balanced.
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Crowds. Calling to make reservations. Introducing yourself at a meeting. If any of these things strike fear into your soul, then this content is for you. The “Fear Of Going Out” Instagram account is dedicated to all of the everyday annoyances that less-than-social people have to go through.

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What is serotonin? Serotonin is a chemical that is responsible for sending messages from one cell to another. Although it is well known for its positive effects on feelings of well-being, it also serves other functions. Peripherally, it is used to regulate gastrointestinal movements in the GI tract. In the central nervous system, it is involved in regulation of processes such as sleep, appetite and mood. It is also involved in cognitive functions related to memory and learning. Because of…

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