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Transform your home with smooth walls that provide a sleek and modern look. Discover top tips and techniques to achieve perfectly smooth walls for a flawless finish.
How to Skim Coat (and if I think it was worth it!) - Interior, Drywall, Home Repairs, Skim Coat Plaster, Rehab, Home Repair, Improvement Projects, Front Room, Household Help

We just completed a fun little makeover in our oldest two boys’ room and the number one question I have received over on the gram is “Why did you skim coat the walls?” We live in Texas and we have very heavy knockdown textured walls. It is recommended to install wallpaper on fairly smooth walls […]

Sheila Griffin
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Wall texture is very common here in TX. We have knockdown texture on every single wall in out house and let's just say it is NOT my cup of tea. I've wanted to do a dining room accent wall for a while, but the very first step before even thinking about an accent wall was getting rid of the wall texture in my dining room.Don't forget to check out more home projects like my DIY outdoor kitchen and how to refinish a wood front door!Affiliate Links have been used in this post. The purchase of…

Leigh Ann Cole