Special Forces

Explore the world of elite Special Forces units and their incredible capabilities. Learn about the top Special Forces teams and their extraordinary missions.
Tactical Armor, Tactical Gear Loadout, Airsoft Gear, Airsoft Bbs, Tactical Survival, Multicam, Military Soldiers, Military Guns, Military Weapons

Izuku Midoriya have a quirk. His quirk is FPS HUD, First Person Shooter Heads Up Display Izuku Midoriya is a soldier. His family has been in the military for generations and he follow their footstep This is the story on how Izuku Midoriya became both a soldier and a hero This is my first time writing story like this, so I'm sorry if there's a mistake or it's a little weird, also English is not my first word, so I'm sorry in advance if there's a mistake

Delbert baum