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We all have some things about ourselves that might seem weird to others. Maybe we have peculiar eating habits, and we see or do some things differently. And these things might seem like a norm to us. But what if one day you realize that what you thought to be a regular thing is actually a pretty rare occurrence for others? Reddit user @u/ComfortableMess3145 was curious to know what were some things that people thought to be normal until they realized that they aren't.

Mike Snyder
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Going through a divorce is usually an extremely painful experience. We typically enter a marriage expecting it to last forever, “until death do you part”, but the unfortunate reality is that often, something else beats death to the punch. In the United States, for example, between 40-50% of all first marriages end in divorce. Although painful, sometimes ending a marriage is the right choice to make, if both parties have grown apart or there has been inexcusable behavior taking place, such as…