Tikki y plagg

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Ladybug and Cat Noir are celebrating their one-year anniversary with … #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Disney, Chibi, Cartoon, Miraculous, Cats, Chat Noir, Ladybug Anime, Animales, Chat

Ladybug and Cat Noir are celebrating their one-year anniversary with all of Paris. But when Hawk Moth steps forward with the ultimate plan to finally take their Miraculouses once and for all, will this finally be his first success at exposing the true identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir? "This book was amazing and the best ever and I couldn't stop reading." @HailStormRebel "I cry. This was the best fanfic." @bibis31 "I literally became attached after the first chapter alone and I couldn't…

Annica Tanner
A want a boyfriend who looks at me like plagg at tikki. Ik this wont happen but, nobody will stop u from dreaming, right?.... right..... i think.

I think what I liked the most about Dark Owl was Tikki and Plagg’s size difference /!\ DO NOT REPOST MY ART OR USE/POST IT IN ANOTHER WEBSITE/MEDIA /!\

Ruby Rose

~~Adrienette Fanfiction~~ It has come to this. The leader from the kingdom that I most loathe, happens to be the person from my heart who I most love. *** Set in the medieval times of knights, kingdoms and princesses, 'Stop Fighting This Love' is a story which emphasises the idea of being who you are expected to be. This book advocates gender equality and human rights. It shows the power of love and strength of will to find it. The only thing better than someone worth fighting for, is…