Weird world

Embark on a journey to the weird world and discover bizarre and intriguing ideas. Dive into the extraordinary and expand your horizons with these unique concepts.
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The world is far more complicated than some of us like to think. Morality isn’t black-or-white, historical facts are often hazier than we’d like them to be, and the interconnectivity of everything means that the deeper down the knowledge rabbit hole we go, the more lost we can sometimes feel.

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Congratulations, you've lived through toilets with threatening auras. But we can't let you go that easy, no no. Prepare yourself, it's time for intimidating animals. I'm talking about toads that look like they're about to take over the world and creepy crows turning on the chainsaw. Edgar Allan Poe would definitely approve of these pics. Scroll down, take a look at the animals with the most threatening auras, and try not to squeak!

Seth Pilz