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예쁜 외국인 화보

Bird T-Shirt. I work at a conservative university press. I love pushing the envelope by wearing something a little unconventional (relatively speaking) that still fits the dress code. An elegant graphic tee under a traditional blazer does the trick.


Love this blazer! Outfit Details: blazer - c/o Jones New York shirt - Equipment shorts - Madewell scarf - Zara Marquis glasses - c/o BonLook Emory Oxfords - c/o Sperry


Absolutely stunning heel - loving the soft colour combo! Anthropologie Chunky Heel Sandals (Splendid Jayla Heel - no longer available)

constellation tattoo

Lovely Constellation Tattoo Ideas - Meet the Mysteries of the Universe

Latin saying. Love it!

great swim tshirt site ^^we had this this quote on the back of one of our old shirts;

Yes, its true. Chlorine has become my perfume. Girls wear flower perfume, boys wear strong perfume, swimmers wear chlorine

Made this screensaver out of a great quote I got online- Chlorine is my perfume- anonymous (Good screensaver for swimmers)

When you need a break from your exercise program. Try adding swimming. You would be surprised what you can do in a pool. There is stress on your joints, muscles and everything else that is sore. It is great exercise and provides variety in your fitness program.

Swimming is a fun exercise I like to do in pools in the summer. I don't swim professionally but it helps me to stay physically active in the summer.

How to Fit a Reading Nook into the Smallest of Spaces | Apartment Therapy

"The key for us has been to maximize the small space we have as much as possible (i. the second floor landing is now a play kitchen area and a reading nook where before it was just an office)." In the reading nook, the mattresses are from Urban Outfit

Fine Tattoo Work - "Joie De Vivre" done by Alvin. - Orange, CA, United States. Placement

Fine Tattoo Work - "Joie De Vivre" done by Alvin. - Orange, CA, United States - exuberant enjoyment of life.