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decorative decreases but who can translate them for me from German ?

Bella modelo de bucles en ángulo asociado con agujas

Узоры спицами. ТЕнЕВЫЕ

DROPS Knitting Tutorial: How to work a braided edge - YouTube

In this DROPS video we show you how to work a braided edge. A braided edge is worked best in the round. We first cast on an even number of stitches with 2 di.

Простой, но эффектный узор для кардигана спицами. В копилку любителей вязания.

пальто -кардиганы-жакеты-жилеты

Te enseñaremos cómo tejer el punto triángulos paso a paso. Combina pequeñas banderas de punto jersey y punto de arroz y es súper fácil de hacer.

Cómo tejer punto triángulos con dos agujas

Today we’ll teach you to knit the triangle stitch pattern, it creates a combination of little flags of stockinette and seed stitch patterns.

Pretty knitted dress - add 5 inches to the length and it's perfect

Hand Knit Women dress sweater coat aran jacket women made to order hand knitted women's dress sweater cardigan pullover clothing handmade

Простой ажурный узор спицами 1

Простой ажурный узор спицами 1