Mafalda Año que viene

- The year is comig to an end. - Very brave, because despite the way things are going, he dares to come!


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Frases-- y no se lo doy a nadie :3 ;*

Nobody has the permission (power) to make me feel bad without my permission.


It has been one of those days in that my problems were everyone else


Mafalda buen despertar - Good morning world, good morning to all good people of…

Mafalda :) y los politicos-

"Dad, if we throw all politicians to sea. Do you think it will hold the high contamination level?Mafalda The Best.


Mafalda - Quino : ' Frankly, I don't know what I would do without me'. In French: 'Franchement, je ne sais pas ce que je ferais sans moi' :-)