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Does that sign have a funny pun or double meaning that deer find hilarious? Funny road signs not just for people


When you're in the car and your favorite song comes on lol so true

Uh, Don’t Do That

Dude I just peed on that. We love the facial expression of this dog! Ohhh, somebody peed on it! Rigby is a beautiful Weimaraner and he is a member


When you told something to your mom and when your mom te something to you

Miles de Imagenes y Chistes : Photo

Muy bn señor o señora gat

Fuiste Tu - #Chistes #Humor

Smartphone makes lots of items unemployed.

Necesito nueva foto de perfil

Dressed up to take new selfie at the bathroom - picture message

Lol! LOL!

MA, the meatloaf! LOL I love that will ferrell movie quote.meatloaf I never know what she is doing!


suele sucedernos a todass!

Imagenes Chistes y Memes - Memes #6 - Mega Memeces

Imagenes Chistes y Memes - Memes #6 - Mega Memeces

A veces me dan ganas de llamar a mi mejor amiga para que me haga entrar en razón... Luego me acuerdo que está mas loca que yo y se me pasa!

Jaja siii esta mas loka q yoo!

chistes graciosos - Buscar con Google

A funny cartoon of a fat lady asking her husband for a compliment

Cómo volver loca a una mujer en dos sencillos pasos: 1.- hazle una foto. 2.- No se la enseñes. #compartirvideos #imagenesdivertidas #watsappss

La verdad a mi si me altera un poco

Fotos Graciosas de Mujeres - Mega Memeces

Do not check weight ever with your bulky Friend :p

Fotos Graciosas de Mujeres - Mega Memeces

Que gacho .

Eza zoi llo :"v