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I am his child

I don't normally do this but i like the part where God calles me His child and He loves me no matter what<<so uhh I am sharing this message but liiike I'm pretty sure I'm already satans child so um ya


I HATE CANCER! My best friend's grandpa (who was like a grandpa to me too) passed away from Bone cancer, and the dad of a now 5 year old kid I babysit passed away from pancreatic cancer. I do NOT want one of my parents to die from it!

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Newsflash--- This ain't the real Jesus. Jesus lives in us. Reposting this is showing that you care, not reposting him.

Repost :)

God, I love you and I really need you. I believe in you and love you and I apologize for everything bad I've done in my life. I hope you can forgive me. God, I love and I really need you