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two tweets that are on top of each other, one is saying to the other
a woman is looking at the camera with an interesting message
manicpixiememequeen (@mpmemequeen) on X
manicpixiememequeen on X: "got self-conscious on my walk yesterday & this image flashed through my brain & a voice deep within me said, “i think you guys might be thinking about yourselves too much.” literally better than years of therapy" / X
a man driving a car with the caption that reads, when you're trying to
the text reads girls have pinterest accounts because it is their natural instinct to gather
Love, Feelings, Sayings, Thoughts, I Am Awesome, Hopeless Romantic, Truth
an image of a man with a rabbit in his head and the words hold on i'm thinking
four bugs in a circle with the words how was your day written on each one
a drawing of a person holding a flower and asking for ressurance with the caption how it feels asking for reasstance
a drawing with the words, when you're being perceved incorectly
Home / X
some type of words that are in the same language as other words and phrases on paper
a creepy house with the words me time in front of it and birds flying around