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a chair that is sitting on top of a stand
Ceccotti Collezioni Chambre Close | Dining Chairs | est living
Ceccotti Collezioni Chambre Close | Dining Chairs | est living
a tall metal pole with two circular shelves on each end and an upside down shelf at the top
Pronto Valet Stand by Magis
a pair of shoes and a white shirt hanging on a coat rack with two hangers
TB.10 - Der Butler Stummer Diener | Stummer Diener | Tidyboy - Berlin
a black coat rack with three hats and two umbrellas on it, against a white background
Servonotte, Castiglioni per/for Zanotta
a coat hanger is hanging on the wall
Ferm Living Pujo Coat Rack - 4232
A classy and eye-catching way to hang coats and jackets. The Pujo Coat Rack from Ferm Living provides two ways to store items when entering a home. Attaches to the wall creating more floor space that is made from a sleek powder coated metal frame. Finished with a black-stained ash that can easily adapt to an entryway.
three mannequins are standing next to each other in front of a wall
M. Marconato and T. Zappa Sir-bis 2 Clothes Rack
a wooden stand with two pieces of wood on it in front of a white wall
Jun Murakoshi Design