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an outdoor covered patio with grill and picnic table
Timber Frame Gallery
a chair sitting on the front porch of a house with wood sidings and stone walls
Timber Frame Gallery
Timber Frame Gallery : Appalachian Log & Timber Homes - Rustic Design for Contemporary Living.
there are many different pieces of paper on the table with tags attached to each piece
Make & Create - Fabric Paperclips - That's so Gemma
Make & Create - Fabric Paperclips - That's so Gemma
a large stone house with lots of windows and brick walkway leading to the front door
a wooden gazebo sitting on top of a lush green field next to a forest
a large wooden structure with ladders on it
18' x 24' Alpine Timber Frame Pavilion | Raising Day | Timber Frame Kit | Post and Beam Kit
Today's raising update comes to us from Minnesota, where we sent out this 18' x 24' Alpine Timber Frame Pavilion as a kit. The posts, trusses, and rafter plates have been raised; next up is the rafters. #greatcountrytimberframes #timberframe #postandbeam #barnbuilders #timberframing #mortiseandtenon #joinery #buildersofinsta #keepcraftalive #timberframer #alpine #alpinepavilion #timberframepavilion #raisingday #timberframekit #postandbeamkit #tby9402
a large wooden building under construction with lots of wood
the inside of a house with wood beams on the ceiling and windows in the room
a wooden structure with a clock tower in the background
11609 - Traditional - Richmond - by Tuckahoe Creek Construction, Inc. | Houzz
a wooden structure with nails sticking out of it's sides and the sky in the background
the wooden structure has holes in it
What is the Best Wood for Timber Framing Projects?