best friends // mejores amiguis

Meet my new friends Ickle and Lardee from My Milk Toof! They are practically the cutest things ever!

My Milk Toof the adventures of two baby teef, Ickle and Lardee, who return to the owner, artist and blogger Inhae Lee

It's impossible to choose my favorite Milk Toof tableau.

My Milk Toof by Inhae Lee

My milk toof

milktoof and lardee are the bestest teef around! and check out their cleaning gear :D


If you had not heard about My Milk Toof before, you are sorely missing out. My Milk Toof is kind of like a webcomic, but only in phot.

my milk toof<3

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Milk Toof - So Cute!

Milk Toof - So Cute!