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several heart shaped patchwork pieces laid out on a table
Tami Gray Voth on Instagram: "My sweet mom has always been one of my biggest supporters and when she asks me for something it’s my pleasure to make it for her. She recently asked for some heart coasters so I decided to make some with the scraps from the apple core quilt. She’s already picked her favorites, but I’ll still have five sets of two coasters in my next shop update. 🌿 Available August 7 between 7-7:30 p.m. EST. #heartshaped #coasters #coasterset #heart #patchwork #patchworkquilt #repur
an old quilt has been stitched together
Antique Quilts: How to Buy, Repair, Wash, and Store Vintage Finds
a christmas tree made out of pillows on top of a table
three different types of ties hanging on a table next to each other, one with scissors and the other without
25 Cute Repurposing Ideas To Turn Old Neckties Into Great New Things
a small patchwork book with a flower on the front and blue button in the middle
another needlecase
a white wicker basket with lace and buttons on the lid sitting in front of a gray wall
Rose Petals and Rust
an open notebook covered in colorful patchwork fabric with a needle sticking out of the cover
You can never have too many lists
a glass dish with a yellow and blue design on it sitting on a white surface
Quilted Pot Holder from a Vintage Quilt
several pieces of fabric are arranged in a circle
Change your heart, look around you...