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two hands reaching for something in the corner of a room that appears to be dirty
The crucifixion of Jesus
a quote that reads though it's taking longer than she hoped, she belivees god will keep his promise to her
Patience is a virtue…
We have to wait! God is preparing us for the things we have prayed for! It will be GREAT!!!!
a drawing of jesus holding a cross and wearing a yellow robe with the word love on it
Bez tytułu
a priest's robe and cross are on display
a cross on top of a table surrounded by flowers
Flowers for Jesus - Corpus Christi procession Feast Of Corpus Christi, Joie, Roman Catholic, Catholic Christian, Christian
Boże Ciało. Bo sypanie kwiatków przed Panem Jezusem wymaga pełnego zaangażowania :) Autor zdjęcia:…
Flowers for Jesus - Corpus Christi procession
a group of people standing on the side of a road with a large sun decoration
a quote that reads, you lack nothing use what i gave you - god