Una de las razones por las que amo las películas animadas: Siempre encentras mensajes positivos:

40 citas inspiradoras de los más queridos personajes animados

liz & el.--Bellos ojos, mas bellos si ven bien. Controlate cada año. Le en nuestro blogspot "descansar frente a la PC"---

" Clary asks. "Look as grunge as you can." Izzy suggests." Clary says as they both fight off smiles.

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Except we take two pictures, and one has "i love" on their arm and in the second photo it's the other friend with "you" on their arm.


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sarah rae mayne and indy blue at the griffith observatory

Friends are the family we choose. Celebrate them with images of best friends hanging out, BFF jewelry, matching tattoos and friend quotes.

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Dont ask just jump in) She had been gone for quite a while, I sat there on the stairs, watching the kids play in our schools field. Suddenly I felt arms slip around me

11 Cosas que jamás imaginaste que las chicas amaran

11 Cosas que jamás imaginaste que las chicas amaran

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