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the word italian spelled with scrabbles in front of a flag on top of a rock
Irregular Present Tense Verbs Ending in -Arre, -Orre and -Urre
learn Italian
three different types of flowers are shown in the language of their respective words, and each has
Modal verbs
four different types of words in green and white with the word deli dello
a poster with words written on it in different languages and the caption'i do not know what these words mean
Adjetivos Possessivos/Italiano Adjetivos Possessivos
a page from the book making plans with an image of two people sitting on a chair
a poster with the words talking about yourself in different languages on it, and an image of
Educational infographic : Learning Italian - Talking About Yourself - | Your Number One Source For daily infographics & visual creativity
Educational infographic : Learning Italian Talking About Yourself
the words on the phone are written in black and white, with an image of a man
an image of some people standing together with the words chatting in spanish and english on it
You may hear back… Ti piace l'italia? - Do you like Italy? Sei mai stato/a in Italia prima? Have you been to Italy before? Quanto tempo ti fermi? - How long are you here for? Parli bene l'italiano? Your Italian is good!
an image of the words in spanish that are used to describe what they're doing
Emergencies Italian Words
the weather is shown in this poster
#Italian learn how to talk about the weather in Italian
a poem that is written in spanish with pictures of people and words on the page
Benvenuti!: Photo
Benvenuti! : Photo
two blue and white stamps that say like and dislikes
photo | Italian Word of the Day
two different types of words that are in spanish
Progetto MAMMA e non solo