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a large poster with red and black lines on the side of it, all in different colors
Before Playing the Piano, Buy one First - SweetMusicMaker
memorizing this is literally how I learned to play actual music on the piano. i need to print this out!
three wise men riding camels in the desert at night
El tamborilero
El tamborilero di Navidad y villancicos su SoundCloud
the logo for navidad and libertad is shown on a white background
Noche de Paz
Noche de Paz di Josh Brister MS su SoundCloud
a christmas card with a tree on it
Blanca Navidad - Ronnier
Blanca Navidad - Ronnier di Ronnier su SoundCloud
three wise men riding camels in the desert at night
Cascabel (Jingle Bells)
Cascabel (Jingle Bells) di Navidad y villancicos su SoundCloud
a group of people dressed up in costumes posing for a photo under a tent at an outdoor event
Rodolfo El Reno / Villancico
Rodolfo El Reno / Villancico di Fatima Saldonid su SoundCloud
an old record with the words 10 popular stations for the spanish classroom in front of it
20 Pandora Stations for the Spanish Classroom - Secondary Spanish Space
Pandora stations for the Spanish classroom.
two women looking at a laptop screen in front of a bookshelf with posters behind them
NEEM 2 - Unidad 1 Vacaciones - subtitulado
¿Qué tal las vacaciones? - 1
a young boy is excited about his red laptop
Learn Spanish from native speakers
"Spanish listening": una página con más de 300 vídeos cortos. Hablantes de diferentes países hablan sobre los temas más diversos. Con el texto, explicaciones (en inglés) y tests de comprensión. Muy recomendable para niveles Básico 2, Intermedio 1 e Intermedio 2.
a black and white photo of a man
Spanish songs with grammatical points listed for use in class. Also has songs (from the radio) that can be used in elementary.
a man is looking at the camera with a texas flag on his shirt in front of him
Learn Spanish from native speakers
Spanish Listening - 300+ short clips with native speakers of 15 countries responding to a variety of prompts, unscripted
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a palm tree on the beach
¿Qué te gusta hacer?—Me gusta + Inf.; Conversational exchange with me/te gusta
an animated image of a bird flying in the sky with trees and clouds behind it
Tengo Miedo de los Leones
Tener miedo / hambre / sed / prisa / ganas / suerte / sueño...
a woman standing next to a burrito on top of a wooden board with writing in spanish
How to order food in Spanish
How to order food in Spanish. Oh I am gonna use these resources more. I like this site
a man is looking at clothes on racks
Vamos de compras
Shopping video - native speakers for spanish students.. ir de compras con amigos. :)