Friendship..It’s beyond them.

Is consciousness an illusion?

Baby hippo!

Pygmy Hippopotamus

Funny pictures about Baby Pygmy Hippopotamus. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Pygmy Hippopotamus. Also, Baby Pygmy Hippopotamus photos.

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Por ellos

Those walks with him on Mac Beach filled my heart and quieted my mind

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Frases sobre nuestro mejor amigo, el perro

Frases sobre nuestro mejor amigo, el perro

If there are no dogs in heaven, the when i die i want to go where they are -- will rogers

Ethan and Romona shared a love that transcended all barriers - including the wall that was built to keep them apart. #catherineclinch

There are few things as comforting as a loving embrace, and these dogs in Thailand couldn’t agree more! Messy, a laid-back yellow Lab, lives with his mom Oranit Kittragul and enjoys hanging out in their fenced-in yard. Across the street is a Husky …