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a person petting a small rodent on top of dry grass with the words guinea pig language
Guinea Pig Communication: What’s Your Cavy Saying? | Small Pet Select
a guinea pig in a hammock with its head sticking out from it's side
Love my guinea pig George
a white cabinet filled with lots of small animals
two pictures of a building made out of cardboard
Project IKEA - Platform/Level - Page 26
Project IKEA - Platform/Level - Page 26 - Hamster Central
an info sheet describing the different types of animals and their food choices for each animal
Main Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Guinea Pig – The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary
the instructions for how to use a guinea pig care system in an animal enclosure, including oranges and watermelon
Buy The Right Size Guinea Pig Cage – The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary
Guinea pig cages. Try to make sure that your gorgeous guinea pigs have the very best things in life. A sizeable guinea pig cage, or run, not only helps make all of them more enjoyable to watch, but makes certain they get the physical exercise that they need to be able to stay healthy and fit.
a wooden swing with yellow strings attached to it in front of bookshelves on the floor
Hamster swing made from popsicles!
a paper model of a house made out of popsicle sticks and other pieces of wood
Hampster cage
many different types of wooden shelves and ladders with pictures on the bottom one side
Homemade Hámster Toys
Resultado de imagen para Homemade Hámster Toys
a plastic container filled with lots of food and other items on top of a table
Dog Paw Blog
On a side note, I have had many different kinds of pets. This is a bin cage I made for my robo hamster.
a plastic container filled with lots of different types of plants and animals inside of it
Partager Tweeter + 1 E-mail Les Bin-cages sont des cages artisanales bricolées à partir d'un bac de rangement transparent. Il doit avoir les dimensions minimales, souvenez-vous que plus il est grand, plus votre hamster sera heureux, et être aménagé de façon à éviter tout risque de coup de chaleur ou de fugue. Les bacs de rangement qui serviront de base à votre cage se trouvent dans la quasi-totalité des grandes surfaces, vous pouvez également en trouver un large choix dans les magasins...
four pictures of different types of plastic tools on a green background, including spatulas and bottles
Manualidades para mascotas. Reciclaje. #mascotas #accesoriosparamascotas
a doll house with lots of purple rocks in the front and bottom floor, sitting on top of a hard wood floor
33Diy Hamster House - meowlogy
33Diy Hamster House