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a cartoon girl holding a shopping bag with coffee beans around her and the words soy la maestra del cafe
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Baby Shower, Shower
the girl is holding a pencil in her hand
the girl is standing in front of a colorful background with words that say soy la maestra positiva
a cartoon girl holding a book in her hand and surrounded by other items that are on the table
the girl is holding her cell phone in one hand and an ipod in the other
a girl standing in front of stacks of money with the words soyla maestra de la tanda
a girl with glasses and a pink bow holding a cell phone
a cartoon girl holding a drink in her hand with the words soy la maestraa de la comida
a girl with red hair is holding a pink object in her hand and the words soyla maestra termos on it
a girl holding a camera in front of a sign that says soyla maestra delas fotos