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two people who don't know what they are talking to each other in anime
a drawing of a man talking on a cell phone with his hand to his face
Andro Jazz
manga: mairimashita! iruma-kun
an anime character is sitting down with his head in his hands and looking at the camera
an image of a person eating food in front of a plate with chopsticks
the comic strip shows two different scenes
two comics with one being pulled up and the other being drawn
a man with his hands on his chest in front of a red background and the words,
the instructions for how to tie a man's necktie in different positions and colors
a dog with a coffee cup on top of it's head and the words female memes written in russian
sheet music with russian words and symbols on it
чертова кукла (@pesni_o_dyshnom) / Twitter
Чертова Кукла (@pesni_o_dyshnom) / Twitter
an animal with a bag of chips in it's mouth and the caption is russian