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an owl sitting on top of a tree branch
an owl is sitting on top of a white ball with words written all over it
a painting of a bird wearing a pirate hat
an oil painting of a white dog on a gray and yellow background with a wooden frame
an oil painting of the beach and ocean with clouds in the sky above it,
Michael B. Karas Art - The Red Piano Art Gallery
Michael B. Karas Art - The Red Piano Art Gallery
an oil painting of clouds over a grassy field with water and trees in the distance
Susan Tubens Artworks Gallery
Susan Tubens Artworks Gallery
a painting of a sunset over a river with grass and trees in the foreground
a painting of two white houses with thatched roofs
Van Gogh’s Cottages in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (June 1888)
A 352 pieces jigsaw puzzle from Jigidi
a painting of a man walking with a dog in the park near trees and grass
13 Stunning Artworks Stolen By The Nazis
13 Stunning Artworks Stolen by the Nazis