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my chemical romance animated GIF

oh mY GOD<<< i think this is Gerard, and Bert from The Used, back in their "we're totally not dating" days.


Gerard is WAAAAY more sassy than Louis and he is hotter and Gerard sings about meaningful topics not just what makes you beautiful and that's why Gerard is better and he's super sassy too and this makes me SO mad that I don't have time for grammar.

Gerard Way is amazing and that's it he is my idol and inspiration in life... I wish I found him sooner but better late than never....

Gerard Way is truly amazing and this is why I love and admire him so much. My chemical romance taight me to never give up and to mot be afraid to be who I am.

Foto bonita

this band.has been my stronghold through everything, any hard time, their lyrics have gotten my through and i've never become emotionally invested in any other band but this one. I will forever be a killjoy