El hermoso y tierno charmander

If I was ten and getting my first pokèmon out of bulbasour charmander or um. Somthin I would choose charmAnder the most loyal pokèmon ever to me

Si realmente fuese así no me saca ni dios del ordenador, pero sniff es un puto dibujo sniff

Holy shit, Explorer is cute as f*ck with that super Uke face! I ship him with chrome. And FireFox with Opera.Nobody wants Safari xD

tokyo goul, kaneki ken evolucion

Kaneki Ken _Tokyo Ghoul>>>>>at first i was like 'oh this is kaneki's transformation i guess.' and then i was like 'wait-- whaa *cry a lot*'

Imagenes Yaois [Graciosas] 2! - #26 - Wattpad

Imagenes Yaois [Graciosas] 2! - #26

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¿Eres Army y estas aburrido? ¿Quieres pasar un buen rato?  Pues haz e… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad


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Tokyo Ghoul... Contos de fantasia e terror, WebNovels e Fanfics de Kuroi Yuki: http://kuroiyuki-ky.blogspot.com.br/

VERY dramatic and full of action. Once human, and now ghoul, Kaneki becomes a one-eyed ghoul due to an accident. Now he is both ghoul and human. What can he do in such a cruel world?