Preschool Snacks

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a bear face made out of peanut butter and banana slices on top of rice cake
Tot School: Bears - Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten
a car made out of fruits and vegetables with the words kids'fruity car snacks
apples and grapes are arranged in the shape of an apple on a white platter
Cute Snack For Kids - Apple & Grape Cars
banana caterpillars on a blue plate with the word's spelled out
Banana Caterpillar Snack!
no - cook snack ideas for kids to make with their favorite snacks and desserts
Fun snacks for kids - no cooking required!
healthy fruit pizza minis on a white plate
Healthy Fruit Pizza Minis
three ice cream cones filled with fruit on top of a red tray and topped with whipped cream
How to Make Fruit Cones in Only a Few Minutes
an image of apple donuts with toppings on the table
No Bake Apple Donuts
a piece of food made to look like a banana and pretzel with eyes
Butterfly Snack for Bug Week
an animal cracker parfait in a plastic cup on top of a wooden table
Animal Cracker Parfait Recipe! Easy Dessert Creation for a Snack or Party! - Fun Learning Life
Animal Cracker Parfait Recipe! An Easy Dessert Creation for A Snack Or Party!
two ice cream cones filled with fruit and yogurt
Yummy Yogurt and Fruit Snack Kids Can Make Themselves
cupcakes filled with fresh fruit sitting in a muffin tin
Snack Idea: Individual Portions of Mixed Fruit