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groupies and other electric ladies by baron wollman - book cover art print
SWEET JANE on Twitter
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Rock Genesis on Twitter
a woman with red hair is standing in front of a mirror and wearing a shirt that says groupe
America's Only Humor Site |
several women dressed in costumes standing on a dirt road with trees and bushes behind them
From Anita Pallenberg to Kate Moss, Vogue’s Guide to the Original Festival Girls
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Jimmy Page and Patricia Ecker
an old black and white photo of two young people smiling at the camera, with one man holding his arm around the woman's shoulder
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a man and woman are hugging each other in black and white, one is holding his arm around the other's shoulder
Pamela Des Barres on being the world's most famous groupie: 'I had to fight for myself'
a group of women sitting on top of a couch in the middle of a road
The Legend of Pamela Des Barres, Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Most Iconic Groupie
three bridesmaids in black and white dresses holding bouquets standing next to each other
0 Brad Elterman Iconic Archive High Res Illustrations
a man and woman kissing each other in black and white
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