The Mexica spoke the Nahuatl language. Like the Mexica gods, many of the symbols are based off of nature and its aspects.

" Referring to Mayan, Aztec or Meso American cultures; their writing and symbols.

20 day signs in the Aztec sacred calendar. The Nahuatl names are in red, and their meanings in English are in blue.

Flying Tiger Comics: Frontiers of Anthropology: Cultural Diffusion by David Kelley

Nahuatl Language Infographic

Informative facts about Nahuatl Language, generally spoken by the Aztec easily with our infographic overview showing language characteristics and roots of the language.

Colors in Nahuatl

Mexican info graphics: Colors in the Aztec language Nahuatl.


Ya pa que estudias Nahuatl si con este diccionario tienes. Now THIS is funny!

Números en nahuatl o mexicano

Números en nahuatl o mexicano