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an anime character holding a microphone and pointing to the side with text that reads, uhm aksuly
the words post ovulation clarity in front of an image of a heart
Love, Girl, Real, Romantic, Eten, Girl Boss, Haha, Female Hysteria, Hot
an anime character with black hair and piercings on his head, staring at the camera
a drawing of a cartoon character with headphones and the words daydreaming on it
❤️TomTord TordTom 💙(♥‿♥) - * 5* monster Tom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
a drawing of a person holding a phone up to their ear with the words actually, nuh on it
two cats sitting next to each other in front of trees
Meme gato negro
the words are written in spanish and have an image of a hand holding a cup
Se llevan la telee
a man with long hair wearing a black suit and white shirt, has the caption i think there is no sleep
a cartoon gorilla is standing in the jungle