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a man and woman are kissing in front of candles with tattoos on their bodys
a drawing of two people sitting next to each other
avel de knight
Composition, Artists, Ferdinand, Pierre, Ph, Reproduction, Pintura, Kunst
Ferdinand Hodler
a painting of a man sitting next to a waterfall in the woods with his hands on his face
a painting of a hand holding a bird with it's beak in the air
Jana Heidersdorf
an image of a woman floating in the air
(#108) Albert Aublet
(#108) Albert Aublet
Undine, 1926 Portrait, Pose Reference, Isamu Noguchi, Poses, Art Poses, Photo, Fotografia
Isamu Noguchi
Undine, 1926
Ideas, Inspiration, Boys, Guys, Men, Model
a painting of a woman swimming in the ocean
a painting of a woman with long hair flying in the air next to a bird
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