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"Don't let the apron fool you, I'm a mad scientist" ✽ Professional baker, recipe hoarder, photographer.
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Blueberry Sweet Rolls make Mother's Day something truly special. They're light and sweet, with a fantastic crunch from Fisher's sliced almonds. from {My Baking Addiction}(Bake Donuts Raspberry)

Sourdough cinnamon + chocolate twist bread

This sourdough cinnamon + chocolate twist bread recipe looks like a sweet reward for a weekend baking project we can get behind.

Strawberry Balsamic Slab Pie – butter and brioche

Strawberry Balsamic Slab Pie – This Strawberry Balsamic Slab Pie features my favourite pie crust. It’s an incredibly golden, buttery and flaky crust – thanks to the little addition of apple cider vinegar and a generous amount of butter.