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a man dressed up as an alien holding a large knife and wearing a helmet with dreadlocks
Homemade Predator Costume Idea for Boys | Coolest DIY Costumes
Predator Costume - 2015 Halloween Costume Contest
It's A Little Like Magic: Costume: Predator 3 (Armor) Books Sculpture, Saiyan Armor, Pirate Maps, I Failed, Cosplay Armor, Black Spray Paint, Foam Sheets
Costume: Predator 3 (Armor)
It's A Little Like Magic: Costume: Predator 3 (Armor)
a person dressed in armor standing next to a tree
Homemade Predator Costumes for Kids and Adults
a child dressed as an alien holding a camera
Easy Predator Costume
a person is holding a piece of art that looks like a horse head and helmet
Predator Costume for my 10yr old - Con photos!
a person with dreadlocks and a mask on standing in front of a staircase
predator costume
paper wine box packaging-cut, rearranged, hotglued and painted
two metal sculptures sitting on top of a table
AVP Armor Templates By VinMan
two people in costumes standing next to each other
Predator costumes. Wow. These guys made these by themselves! They had lights that blinked and everything. Creative Cosplay, Planet ComiCon (PCC), Kansas City 2014