Disney Engagement Rings From Gemvara. I don't like any of these for myself but they are adorable :)

Disney Engagement Rings From Gemvara — Seen Them Yet?

Disney-inspired engagement rings from Gemvara aurora, jasmine, and rapunzel are my favorites. Rapunzel is the prettiest though

Perfect eye maje up

Weddbook ♥ black liner on the outside, white liner on the inside. Simple and natural wedding makeup. Bridal makeup looks. Eye makeup for green eyes.

Gold glitter look

All eyeshadows from Brushes palette" Glitter- Voss "Goldie" Mink Lashes- Caggiano "Stella" Liner- All photos are taken with iPhone 5 App- pic collage

Gold eyes

Copper/Gold & Brown eye-shadow look. Perfect for hazel eyes.- Wish I had the skin tone to pull this off.

Cut Crease

Beautiful dramatic evening eye makeup idea for brown eyes finished with a pair of real mink eyelashes. CAUTION: avoid mascara on real mink eyelashes as to prolong their life span.